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Vertical RCC Pipe Making Machine


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    • 商品名称: Vertical RCC Pipe Making Machine

    The radial extrusion cement pipe machine process adopts the vertical production method, the mold is perpendicular to the underground tray, the vibration of the socket in the pit and the station rotation device, the ground is extruded and lifted, the radial extrusion pipe process adopts semi-dry hard concrete, and the cloth mechanism enters the pipe mold , through the high-speed rotation of the extrusion head to extrude the concrete between the tube molds, the diameter of the extrusion head is the inner diameter of the pipe, the upper forming head rises at a speed to form it, and the lower head extrudes in the opposite direction. When grinding and producing the socket pipe, since the socket part makes the concrete dense, the forming of the socket part is equipped with auxiliary vibration, and generally a small amount of water needs to be sprayed to adjust the plasticity of the concrete of the socket part.

    The equipment can produce reinforced concrete drainage pipes with a diameter of 300mm-1200mm.


    1. High production efficiency. Taking a 600mm diameter tube with a length of 3m as an example, it only takes 3 minutes to produce one tube.
    2. The degree of automation is high, the production process is controlled by the automatic program, the labor intensity is low, and labor is saved.
    3. The product quality is good, the cement pipe produced by the radial extrusion cement pipe machine equipment has high density and high socket strength.
    4. The maintenance is simple, the cement pipe produced is demoulded immediately, and the maintenance is natural, which reduces the production cost.
    5. The molds are used less, and each specification can only mass produce two sets of molds.
    6. It is easy to change the mold, and the labor intensity is low. The special steel stamping bottom bracket is light in weight, and can be easily moved by one person.
    7. The production process is environmentally friendly, with no waste pulp, no sewage, and low noise.










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