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Precast lightweight wall panel machine


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    • 商品名称: Precast lightweight wall panel machine

    UNIK Lightweight wall panel making machine is new hollow wall extruder of building materials production and processing equipment wallboard machinery, uses a wide range of materials.(raw materials: ordinary cement, fly ash, slag, water slag, volcanic rocks, ceramsite, industrial waste and so on. It can allocate according to the raw materials of local deployment at any time, with large production, daily single-class production is 300 to 400 square meters. The use of natural curing and reinforcing material: low-carbon annealed wire) put required multi-process of hand-drawn or stand-mold board in one molding. The produced boards have low-cost and high-quality, is the ideal equipment of light partition board production line.


    Technical specifications:

    Product size(H*W) Hole No. Dia of hole Power Max span Molding speed Overall Dimention
    90*600mm 7 58mm 6.3kW 3 1.5-1.8m/min 2470*950*680mm
    120*60mm 5 80mm 8.5kW 3 1.5-1.8m/min 2250*980*730mm
    150*600mm 4 102mm 6.6kW 3 1.5-1.8m/min 2300*820*820mm
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